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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 @ 8:32 PM
What Is Going On.

School sucks. Dont cha think? Why is it that everything is based on marks. Lets say there is a person who doesnt try at all but gets really good marks, and a person who busts his/her ass off to get a shitty mark. I believe that is not fair. dont you think?

Universitys only accept people who are at a higher standard of knowledge then others.
And Colleges are for people who are average or "below" average standards. Everything is based on how smart you are and not on how hard you work.

Parents are another thing. When your parents recieve your report card and see a bad mark what do they do. My parents yell at me, point at me, put me down, and sometimes say im stupid. It is sad that parents do not listen to the childs side. Parents just want the best for you buy they also bring you down. Parents dont care if you try hard. They want to see 80's to 90's written on that paper.

Friends.....dsecribe friends to me please.

Relationships......desribe that to me please.

Describe LIFE. I have been told that Life is just like a house of doors. Opening one door can lead to two more doors but closes 5 doors. Life is about choices. You cant really choose the right one all the time. But who gives a shit. People in society want whats best for them. They dont keep in consideration about other peoples feelings. Im not saying im not like this. but atleast i TRY to consider other peoples feelings.

All in all, i have no idea which door to open next.

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